Seeking Alpha: If You Are Seeking Alpha, Look At Alpha Lithium

January 18, 2023


  • Arena Minerals is being acquired. Early buyers of Arena are selling shares and trying to find new speculative homes in the lithium space.
  • Alpha Lithium is a small (yet intriguing) lithium stock with a healthy treasury and compelling properties.
  • A license was granted to drill the Hombre Muerto property, a very famous Argentinian high-lithium grade basin that is home to very large companies like Livent and POSCO.
  • In these wretched market conditions, someone might be accumulating Alpha Lithium stock.
  • Those seeking alpha should consider Alpha Lithium as a speculative bet.


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What is seeking “alpha” and I’m not referring to this web site but what is the concept of seeking an alpha return from an investment prospective? It is simple. Can you beat the market benchmarks? Per Investopedia:

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Lithium Prices in Yuan (Tradingeconomics)


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Alpha Lithium Finances (Alpha Lithium)

Alpha Lithium, APHLF

Alpha Lithium Warrants (Alpha Lithium)


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Alphas Two Properties (Alpha Lithium )


The plant is being designed in two 25,000 tonne/year modules, the second module to be constructed after the plant has reached reliable, steady-state production, presumably several months after the initial module is operational. Ausenco will require approximately six months to complete the PEA, with final results of the study expected to be published in Q3 2023. – Alpha Lithium

Hombre Muerto, EV investing,

Alpha Lithium Property at Hombre Muerto (Alpha Lithium)


While not exactly a NPV (Net Present Value), we can get a rough idea of the Tolillarprojects value. Per Alpha Lithium CEO Brad Nichol:

“Exercising the Earn-in Right implies a value at Tolillar of US$529 million, not including any Additional Consideration. Including the maximum Additional Consideration, the implied project value would be US$604 million.”

He now converts this from USD to CDN dollars:

“Which is over CDN$750 million for the Tolillar asset alone. Uranium One has the ability to earn a 50% interest in Tolillar and Alpha will retain a 50% working interest in a salar that is funded up to the point of commercial production.”

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